The industrial park in Herzfelde in the municipality Rüdersdorf near Berlin

The economic centre close to Berlin

For enterprises which require industrial areas on the periphery of the German capital, first-class opportunities are offered in the 720-year old community of Herzfelde. In this town with 2,000 inhabitants and characterised by it's industry, interested investors will find not only fully developed and immediately available large areas, but also an exemplary infrastructure with connection to the conurbation Berlin- Brandenburg.
In particular renowned enterprises in the construction sector have settled in the direct neighbourhood of Brandenburg's competence centre for the construction materials industry in Rüdersdorf. It is no wonder as in Rüdersdorf the Ready-Mix group has invested more than 600 million EUR in new production plants.
Investment in Europe's most modern limestone work, the ready-mix plaster and con- struction materials manu-facturer Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH and other enterprises in the energy plant, plastics and metal industries bear witness to the attractiveness of the location. Decisive for the selection of the location for these enterprises was, however, not only the area available but also the existing qualified staff potential and the fact that Herzfelde belongs to the most strongly supported industrial areas on the outskirts of Berlin.

Advantages of location:

  • Infrastructure designed for industry
  • Fully developed industrial and commercial areas of size up to 61,000 m²
  • Direct connection to federal state highway B 1/5
  • 3 highway connections at a distance of 5 - 9 km
  • River port at a distance of 3 km
  • Direct proximity to sales markets in the economic area of Berlin/Brandenburg and to eastern Europe
  • Maximum aid rates of up to 43% of investment costs
  • Quick and uncomplicated permission processes


General view of location

Site area
Approximately 92 ha gross area, approx. 82 ha net area



Industrial roads, water, sewage, gas, energy, telecommunications
Possible start of construction
Immediately after the building permit
Planning law
Approved development plan available
GRZ *: 0,8 / GFZ **: 2,4 / BMZ ***: 8-10
Property ownership status
GGH - Gewerbeerschliessungsgesellschaft mbH Herzfelde i.L.
Settlement profile
Industry, producing sectors of all types, services, commercial and logistics companies
Traffic connections
Berlin metropolitan railway, Strausberg at approx 12 km
Tram to Berlin at approx. 5 km
Bus connection to Herzfelde
Federal motorways
3 junctions to A 10 (eastern Berlin Ring), at approx. 5 km, 7 km and 9 km
Federal state highways
Direct connection to B 1/5 Berlin-Frankfurt/Oder
Int. Airports
Airport Berlin-Schönefeld, approx. 54 km, Berlin-Tegel, approx. 65 km
Regional airports
Airfield Strausberg, approx. 16 km
Nearest freight transhipment facility with rail connection
Strausberg, approx. 10 km
Nearest river port
Rüdersdorf, approx. 3 km
Important distances
Berlin city limits approx. 15 km
Berlin city centre approx. 25 km
Residential population
Municipality of Herzfelde approx. 1,800 inhabitants, municipality of Rüdersdorf approx. 17,000 inhabitants, Märkisch-Oderland administrative district approx. 260,000 inhabitants
Universities specialist colleges
Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder, Potsdam, Cottbus, Dresden, Wildau, Eberswalde
Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder
Rüdersdorf, Strausberg, Berlin
Residential building
Attractive residential areas in and around Herzfeld and in Berlin environs
Purchase price
On request
Energy costs
Negotiable with the energy supplier according to consumption
Already settled companies
Saint-Gobain Weber Industrie, Power and Light Systems Electric Systems Construction, Heidelberger Kalksandstein Calcareous Sandstone, Pulverbeschichtung Nord, ES-Smitka Air-conditioning and Ventilation Technology, Daku Window Construction, Holz-Meyer Wood Trade, Alpha Construction Machines, Sand Blasting Nord, Leilner Vehicular Technology, Star Service Station, Nitra Transport, OBS Steel Wholesaler, Ehl & Schmitt Construction Materials, Sipatec Fence and Door Systems, Porr Construction, ADFB Mechanical Engineering, Präzima Tool Manufacturers and various small companies
Support by way of grants for commercial economy in eastern states

Direct information is available from the following link:

Click here: ILB Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg

Or here: Funding programs industrial economy

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Owner and Marketing

Gewerbeerschließungsgesellschaft mbh Herzfelde i.L.

RA Ulrich Rosenkranz
BRRS Rechtsanwälte
Friesenweg 4 / Haus 13
22763 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 655880-0
Telefax: +49 40 655880-20

Available free area
approx. 121.000 m² (Status: April 2018)
Used area
approx. 70 ha
Built-up area
approx. 65 ha
Extent of utilization
approx. 85%

* GRZ Grundflächenzahl = ground area index (translator's note)
** GFZ Geschoßflächenzahl = floor space index (translator's note)
*** BMZ Baumassenzahl = building mass index (translator's note)



If you are interested in Investments, Sales or Industrial Settlement or you have any further questions please contact us under the following address, telefon or E-Mail:

gesellschaft mbH Herzfelde i.L.
RA Ulrich Rosenkranz
BRRS Rechtsanwälte
Friesenweg 4 / Haus 13

22763 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 655880-0
Fax: +49 40 655880-20



Gewerbererschließungsgesllschaft mbH Herzfelde i.L. (GGH)
Registered in the commercial register Hamburg HRB 74703

Authorized Representatives:
RA Ulrich Rosenkranz
BRRS Rechtsanwälte
Friesenweg 4 / Haus 13
22763 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 655880-0
Fax: +49 40 655880-20


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